(Lightened) Rice Pudding

This recipe is thanks to some inspiration from my friend’s mom, who cooked us (to die for) rice pudding in London this past weekend whilst we were up for Fours Head!  While I would love to eat her mom’s version all the time – and I’m not kidding, literally, all the time – I also have to be small.  So, cue the lightened version, a la Brie!

Lightened Rice Pudding

1/2 cup long- or medium-grain brown rice
2 cups of skimmed milk
1.5 tbsp, vanilla extract
1/2 cup low-calorie sweetener (for a higher calorie version, maple syrup or honey would be lovely)
1 tbsp, cinnamon
1 egg

Bring milk to a boil; add vanilla, cinnamon and sweetener.  Add rice, and turn heat to low for approximately 30-40 minutes, keeping the lid on.  Halfway through this cooking, stir in one egg.  Continue simmering.

Serve hot, or cool before serving.  Top with your favorites (I recommend jam!).  Should make roughly 3 servings.

Nutrient breakdown:
Calories: ~170
Fat: 3g
Carb: 23g
Protein: 9g

Coming back to a boil..

Served hot with jam…

Yes, please.